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Why Don’t I Have a Real Portfolio?🤔

Heart Eyes, Dark Lipstick – Animated GIF by me

At some point, the purpose of this website was to show my portfolio; but that is no longer the case.

I have been working in the adult entertainment industry for almost 10 years now.

I have given up attempting to put up a portfolio for potential employers to see.


After years of trying and not getting responses (fact: most employers aren’t open to you having that kind of work history), I’ve decided to stop trying. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up. It just means that I’ve switched my focus from trying to leave where I am now to just creating stuff that makes me happy.

I’ve come to realize that I am where I’m supposed to be for the time being. But for a few years though – I was getting bored, frustrated, restless, dissatisfied. I really felt that it was time to go. I even got bit by the entrepreneur bug and I tried to leave my job with very little success. I was also offered a raise that I simply could not refuse.

So attempts to quit my job just wasn’t happening…I guess I was forcing it to happen.

I brainstormed for a bit as to what would make me happy. I even took a spiritually focused marketing course to explore these ideas. Then the idea came to mind: why don’t I sell crystals? You’ve been buying them so you obviously like them, so why not try selling them?

And it’s true, outside of my work life – I had been collecting crystals and stones, since 2012 (when I was at my other adult entertainment job). I had also taken an interest in learning tarot and developing my intuition and was taking classes as a hobby.

So to cure my boredom, I started up a crystal shop in April of 2017. But that just wasn’t enough. Since everybody else had the same idea, I had to figure out a way to stand out from everyone else, so I learned how to be a healer as well.

Since then, I basically created a whole new reality for myself while still working at this job. Going to another job was obviously not the answer, otherwise I would’ve gotten it already and that would’ve been my next path.

My path was for me to shift my perspective and to transform my life with what I already have.

So why don’t I have a professional design portfolio? I just don’t care to have one anymore.

Just know that a lot of the animated gifs I’ve posted here have been used at some point at work. I just tweaked them for my own use.

Like Gary Vee said: happiness is the goal.


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