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What Is Trans Crystal Therapy?

I took an 8 week course in Trans Crystal Therapy just recently at The Crystal Matrix.

What exactly is Trans-Crystal Therapy and why did I take it?

Most people might recognize it by its more common term: crystal healing.

From my perspective, Trans Crystal Therapy is therapy involving crystals and energy work; during the course we learned about the healing properties of each stone in conjunction with the 7 chakra system. We also simultaneously learned about ourselves and cleared out what no longer served us so we can be clear channels of transmitting healing energy to our clients.

But what is energy work? If you are familiar with Reiki or have a meditation practice, energy work is along those same lines.

So Trans Crystal Therapy is the laying of stones on the person where the chakras or energy centers are located while the person is lying down on a massage table. It’s a bit more involved than that actually; if you’d like to know more, please visit this page at my other website Crystal Healer LA.

I was drawn to taking this course because:

A) I have an online crystal shop and wanted to deepen my metaphysical knowledge of minerals and

B) I have been interested in learning more about energy work; what better way to learn than with something that I love: crystals and stones!💎

So there you have it. I am a graphic/web designer/marketer who so happens to be into crystals and energy work.

I wanted to keep my personal interests separate from what I do for a living but that doesn’t seem to work; everything crosses over into one another, we are multidimensional beings after all.

Learning Trans Crystal Therapy not only gave me hands on experience on how to lay stones on someone; I also learned a lot about myself and I cleared a lot of junk out of my auric field.

It all probably sounds weird, doesn’t it? It’s nothing new really, if anything it’s an ancient practice. But if everything is energy, is the belief that crystals can heal be so far-fetched?

Well if you know me personally, then you know I’ve always been weird.👽

I cannot fully explain why this kind of stuff interests me, but my spirit loves it. And so I just follow my interests.✨


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