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What Can A Crystal Healing Do For You?

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, my name is Pia and I’m currently offering crystal healing / therapy sessions out of my home in North Hollywood, CA.

The purpose of this blog post is to briefly explain what crystal healing is.

What Is a Crystal Healer?

A crystal healer is a person who practices a healing art where crystals and stones are placed on the person receiving the healing.

What Can A Crystal Healing Session Do For You?

During a crystal healing/crystal therapy session, every person experiences something different so results may vary.

Here are some of the things you may experience during a session:

  1. Relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain
  2. An emotional release
  3. You might go into a deep relaxation and just go to sleep
  4. Release from a creative or mental block
  5. An increase of energy, you might feel recharged afterwards.
  6. A visit from your guides and/or ancestors.

And so much more.

What Happens During a Crystal Healing Session?

  1. We discuss the reason why you came and I will ask you what it is you’d like to work on
  2. You will lie down on a massage table
  3. A pendulum will be used to assess the spin of your chakras or energy centers
  4. Crystals and stones will be placed on each chakra
  5. I will also perform a chelation using 2 Quartz crystals

What is Chelation?

Chelation is the process of running earth energy through the body with the use of Quartz crystals. Chelation clears and charges the aura as well as the 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).


If you are in the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area and are searching for a crystal healer, please feel free to contact me: crystalhealerla at gmail dot com

My official title is Trans-Crystal Therapist but since most people can’t remember that, it’s easier to call myself a crystal healer. I learned the ancient art of crystal healing from Patricia A Bankins at The Crystal Matrix here in LA.

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