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A collection of web programming, Photoshop & SEO books that I’ve held on to. I’m a hoarder, I know.

Time sure does fly as one gets older. I took a 10 week Web Development course at General Assembly in 2014 and five years later (I wrote this in 2019) – even though I’ve been employed this entire time and using the knowledge I acquired, I still feel like I barely know anything. I’m pretty good with HTML and CSS, not so great with Javascript. I also still need to really learn more PHP, or do I?

It seems as if I learned how to code, only to use WordPress.😐 The main site I’ve coded and worked on for years, is now a WP site and not by my choice. It is what it is and I’m not mad really; I’m grateful that for those 5 years, I was able to gain a lot of hands on experience coding and building sites from scratch.

Which means I have more time on my hands now to revisit and hopefully relearn some subjects and to me that’s actually a good thing; we have to recognize opportunity when it presents itself.😊 I was browsing Craigslist and noticed how some employers want to hire someone who A) can code and B) doesn’t rely entirely on frameworks (Bootstrap, WordPress), so I’m hopeful that my skills are still useful.

Was it worth paying for that 10 week course? Yes, I was able to use what I learned for work, but apparently WordPress is better suited. Again, what do I really know? I’ve learned to put my need for control aside and to just go with the flow.

I’ve coded lots of sites using HTML & CSS, unfortunately I still can’t fully code in Javascript; most of the time I usually just search for some kind of library/preset code to suit my employer’s needs – like a JQuery slideshow, then I just enter in the data and customize it to make it work with the site I built. Employers usually want stuff to be up and running quickly, you know? There’s no time to be slow, you have to work fast.

You’re probably wondering: why don’t I show any of the sites I’ve worked on? Since I work in adult entertainment, I can’t really show anything.😐

Who’s to blame for my lack of knowledge? There’s no one to blame but me. If I really wanted to become an expert with web development, I would’ve really invested my time after work. But really though, who has time to do that when you already do a little bit of everything? I suppose it all depends on what motivates you and how bad you want it.

Obviously, my motivation is money. If I can finally get a handle on PHP & Javascript, I know I can make more. But at the same time, with more money comes more responsibility; a part of me doesn’t want to work harder than I already do.

I’m also motivated to keep on learning, it’s the Sagittarius in me.♐️

I don’t blame myself entirely for not knowing everything – I have so many useful skills already – I mean, look at all the books I’ve accumulated over the years for the sake of learning my craft (though I never finished reading any one of them). I’m proud and happy of how far I’ve come. But even though I know how to do a lot, I still feel inadequate sometimes or even better – I get impostor syndrome. Getting older will do the trick, too.😢


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