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The Best Income is Passive Income

My online only crystal shop is Metaphysical Vibes:

In April of 2017, I created something out of nothing and it’s brought me extra income. And not just extra income, but a fun extracurricular activity that’s made my life a whole lot richer. I suppose some might call it just a hobby, but to me it’s become much more than that.

What is it you ask?

Selling minerals – crystals and stones!✨

This is what happens when you’re frustrated with working a 9 to 5; at some point you want out, but you don’t know how. I had been reading online a lot about entrepreneurship but most of the concepts were beyond my understanding. It took a lot of self inquiry to figure out what it was that I’m really into and how I can make money off of it. The universe heard me and gave me an idea.

I thought quitting a fulltime job to freelance would be the answer, but it wasn’t. I realized that I didn’t want to work for other people and be a slave to them too.

I wanted to make more money AND not have to work harder for it.

Society has us believing that we have to work hard for the rest of our lives, then we get to retire and travel when we’re old. That sounds ridiculous to me, especially since I’m reading more and more things about how our Social Security won’t even exist by the time I “retire”.

So if you’re in a similar rut right now, just think about what it is that you think about A LOT. Like what are your hobbies, what do you do when you’re not working? That is probably what you can make extra money off of.

Passion is fast becoming a cheesy word, if not already. “Follow your passion”, they say. It’s an overused word and it makes me cringe.😖

I think about money a lot and how to make more of it in a way that I enjoy. I like art and considered myself an artist, but making money off it CONSISTENTLY seemed like a far away goal, one that would require me to be a ‘people pleaser’ type of artist. You’d have to build up an audience who loves your art, which sounded difficult and takes a long time. I’m impatient and needed something now.

But I don’t know what else to call it other than “shit that really interests me” I guess?

So yeah, I found a way to make money off shit that really interests me: selling crystals & stones via Etsy and my own e-commerce website.

So here are some reasons to start making money on the side:

  1. The time will come when your fulltime job will no longer be enough to pay for the life you want. You’ll reach a plateau and will want to make more money, but not necessarily work harder for it.
  2. The cost of living is going up everywhere. It doesn’t hurt to make some extra money.
  3. It’s really fun to make money off something that you truly love. Some people enjoy selling shoes, clothes, handmade stuff, real estate; I enjoy selling crystals and stones.


Find a way to make money off of something you’re really into. Start brainstorming and getting to know yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s also best that you don’t compare your success to others. Keep your head down and work on your shit, I guarantee you will be successful.

Who has influenced me to think like this? Jonathan Green, James Altucher, Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez to name a few. I’m definitely not on the same level as those guys, but it doesn’t hurt to apply their mindset.


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