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Reasons To Blog In 2019

It’s true, everyone and their mom is on social media.šŸ™„

But if you’re anything like me, you’re still blogging in 2019. First of all – why and who cares? It’s not like I get a lot of traffic here, as everybody either hangs out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or divide their between all of them. Blogging is DEAD.šŸ’€

Let me just say that blogging is not dead, it’s just not as popular.

Reason to blog #1:

People still search for things, and blogs are usually the ones that pop up during a Google search.

For example: when I’m at work and I need help with something HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP related, I get the bulk of my answers from searching for the exact issue (I literally have to search a few times if I’m not finding the answer I need) and then finding it on a blog, like this one: How to center things with style in CSS

or Easily Password Protect a Website or Subdirectory

Reason to blog #2:

Blogs help solve a problem someone is currently having; the writer usually writes a step by step solution to the same exact problem you searched for. That is so freakin helpful to me.

You can also write a blog that might be helpful to someone else down the line.

Reason to blog #3:

I personally like to practice my writing via blogging ā€“ it’s just not easy to type long blocks of text over your phone for a social media post. Blogging or writing gets the brain going and fleshes out ideas in your head.

Reason to blog #4:

If you have a few website properties – blogging will help boost your websites by bringing free traffic via Google search. Again, people still use search to either buy or look for a specific item or solve a problem or get more information so writing new content will help people find your website. It also helps to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How do I know blogging works? As some of you probably know, I have an online crystal shop that I’ve been experimenting with for almost 2 years now. I haven’t blogged consistently on there because day job, but the few blog posts I did write still get a lot of search engine traffic, like these two:

Why Are Crystals So Expensive?

Self Love Healing with Affirmations and Rose Quartz

I did keyword research on the above blog posts. Keyword research is finding the right keywords that people tend to search for often, then creating content that tailors to those exact keywords.


Blogging in 2019 is still legit. You should create blog content if:

+ You have an online business
+ You have website properties and cannot afford to buy paid traffic always
+ You want to share some kind of specific knowledge that might be useful to someone else
+ You just love to write and have LOTS of things to say


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