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Freedom Dividend vs. $15 Minimum Wage

I’ve been trying to analyze why I and so many others are into Andrew Yang and his ideas. I mean, it just makes total sense?

Here’s a personal example: my husband hasn’t had a fulltime job for about a year now. As a matter of fact, he’s been laid off twice. The first job let him go because they were shutting the company down, the second time was due to them automating the tasks he would typically do for his job. In Andrew Yang’s book The War On Normal People he talks about automation taking people’s jobs and it’s already happening – self-checkout, self-driving cars and trucks, AI customer service, robots that do repetitive tasks like chopping up food, etc.

And while automation has made life a lot easier and convenient, it’s also putting people out of jobs a lot faster.

So if you’re wondering why I would like everyone to receive $1000 a month from the US government instead of a Federal Job Guarantee from Bernie Sanders? This is why.

People who oppose the Freedom Dividend / Universal Basic Income assume that people are just going to fuck off, become lazy and not work. I don’t think that’s true as many people – including myself – would love to have an extra $1000 to:

+ Pay down some debt – like a student loan or credit card bill
+ Use it to pay for an unexpected expense – car repair, medical bill, etc
+ Save it for an emergency.
+ Invest it in the stock market
+ Take a class or workshop in your personal interests
+ And so much more.

It doesn’t solve all the problems but it’s better than nothing. Why is it so hard to just give people money?


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