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Andrew Yang Has Inspired Me

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’ve been tweeting nonstop about Andrew Yang – 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate.

It all started sometime 6 months ago, when I would see a friend of mine post his pic on Instagram or mention UBI – Universal Basic Income also known as the Freedom Dividend – Andrew Yang’s signature policy of handing out $1000 a month to every American over the age of 18.

So I became curious about the guy and got hooked. I watched interviews of him and found that I liked him. The Freedom Dividend was enough to entice me. I mean, who wouldn’t want $1000 a month? Even though I have a job and get paid well, the cost of living is still going up and that $1000 would definitely help.

By the end of November I started donating money to his campaign. And as a marketer and graphic designer, I liked his marketing and his style. His supporters, known as the Yang Gang were making themselves more visible around the internet.

Then he got Donald Glover and Dave Chappelle to endorse him. He became more popular not only for that but for being good at debates. He also became known for being the only candidate who didn’t bash Trump or his supporters. Not only that but the Yang Gang has lifted him up through social media when mainstream media ignored him and still do using the #YangMediaBlackout hashtag.

So at this point, I’m totally gunning for him. I can’t explain why he is so interesting to me, as there might be a lot of factors:

  1. He’s not a politician.
  2. He’s got a sense of humor. He’s relatable, is nice and down to earth.
  3. He wants us to have $1000 a month with no strings attached.
  4. He emphasizes our value as human beings, more than our economic value.
  5. I am engaged whenever he speaks and I actually understand what he’s saying.

I’ve also payed attention to his astrological birth chart and watched a few YouTube astrologers analyze it. Andrew Yang is doing big things and he’s just getting started.


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