About Me

Hi, I’m Pia

I am an artist, graphic/web designer, marketer and weirdo. I live and work in Los Angeles, CA.

I’m what you’d call a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of person in the art, design & marketing realm.

I do a little bit of everything that’s fun, creative and technical and believe it or not, I enjoy doing it all:

animated GIF creation
graphic design for print & web
simple motion graphics
print & digital marketing
social media marketing
web design/development

Why do I call myself a weirdo?

I’ve been working in the adult entertainment industry for 10 years now. The truth is, I’ve been weird all my life.šŸ‘½

I’m an only child, and mostly an introvert. I prefer listening to people instead of the one doing the talking. The subjects that interest me the most these days are of a spiritual, metaphysical, occult nature. Marketing, psychology, business and entrepreneurship also pique my interest.

I’m also into minerals, so much that I launched my own online crystal shop in 2017. While my intention was to create another source of income, I ended up learning more about myself than anything.

My interests in these areas have also led me to learning, practicing and receiving certifications in Reiki and Trans Crystal Therapy.

A littleĀ background

I was born in the Philippines and arrived in the US with my mom in 1984. Although I went home once in 1988, I have been in LA for most of my life.

I started out as a Newspaper Production Artist in 1998, the training I received from my first job taught me to work fast and to be accurate. At the same time, I also got my first work injury from working too much and not taking enough breaks: tendonitis on my right wrist. After that, I moved on to DVD/Bluray menu design and production work for a couple of entertainment companies in the SF Valley.

I have also built websites for well known graffiti artists/muralists and tattoo shops from the LA area. Some of my clients included Man One, Vyal One, Crewest Gallery, Onizuka Tattoo and more. That was before CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, WIX and Squarespace took over.

I learned how to build websites by experimenting with my first website ever. That was back in 2004. The old site (shermgrafik.com) is gone but forwards to my current website: savethesavages.com

I was also a graffiti artist (my moniker was SHERM). My work came out in these books: Graffiti LA and Graffiti Women. I also showed my art at Crewest Gallery.

I think we have no choice but to constantly grow and evolve. Learning and doing a little bit of everything has kept me employed, thankfully.

Social Networks: LinkedIn /Ā Twitter

Last updated: Monday, February 17th 2020