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A Few Things I’ve Learned from Having My Small Business

Most people might call it a hobby or a side hustle. Whatever it is, my online crystal shop, Metaphysical Vibes has been up & running for almost 2 years. Here’s what I’ve learned from it:

You will experience ups and downs, especially in sales.

Sales are super slow right now and when it slows down, it feels like a total bummer. Nobody’s buying and nothing’s moving. What’s even bummier about it is that I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on paid traffic so I only get to buy traffic in very small, sporadic amounts. Like every other weekend or two.

So I have to find other ways to stay occupied and learn how to optimize my ecommerce website somehow without spending any more money.

Here’s a useful link that I found: 10 Do-it-yourself SEO Tips to Save Money

Don’t compare yourself to others, just keep your head down and work.

This is important. Although it’s good to look at what your competitors are up to, don’t look too hard. You will start to feel like shit and feel like you’re not doing enough. And then you fall into a rabbit hole of negative self talk and comparison.

Everyone is on different levels of their entrepreneurship journey. Mine is different because I still have a fulltime job. I’ve mentioned this before in another post: I’m just a wannabe.

You must persist and keep at it, especially when you’re not seeing results right away.

When I say ‘keep your head down and work’ – what I really mean is ‘mind your own business and do whatever you feel like doing’. Having a business doesn’t have to be hard work, I personally choose to have fun and go at my own pace.

It’s better to be generous than to be greedy.

I read something online that one of the ways for people to remember your business is to give something away. I’ve been exercising this strategy and it works 50% of the time. Like those who are getting something for free will most likely buy something eventually.

So yes, definitely give things away for free. Plus it shows that you are generous.


Don’t give up, especially when sales are slow. Figure out ways to optimize or make your ecommerce website better somehow.


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