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Shaftpower equipment

VesselTrak Performance Monitoring System with Op-Fleet Technology provides the system architecture that allows monitoring and control of key performance indicators on a vessel, including; specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC), Fuel Consumption Rate, Fuel Consumption per Nautical Mile, Vessel speed, Engine/Shaft Torque, Engine horsepower, and engine speed.

By monitoring these KPI's, shipowners and managers are able to make critical decisions that help increase the efficiency of their fleets. The system is cost-effective, highly accurate (.1% instrumentation accuracy), installed in 24 hours or less, and backed by a global support network.

Onboard Vessel monitoring:

AIS, Fuel Consumption, and Power Output data characterize the true status of your vessel.

  • OpHMI - Human Machine Interface provides real-time dashboards on vessel status.
  • OpTS - Provides true mechanical power data to correlate power vs speed over ground and fuel consumed.
  • OpVI - Provides true differential fuel flow monitoring to combine engine performance with real-time fuel consumption.

Remote Fleet Monitoring:

OpFleet is Realtime data that provides answers and insights into your fleet's operations.

  • Reduce downtime by moving. to Engine Performance-based maintenance.

  • Optimize operations by monitoring transit speed.

  • Gain insights on progress to your GREEN goals.