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What if your equipment is screaming for help, but you can’t understand the language?

When a machine breaks down or maintenance is due, it’s the build-up of neglected wear and tear that leads to a malfunction. The origins of these problems are too small for us to detect, so we are forced to rely on maintenance in the form of intervention instead of prevention. But all of that is about to change.

Machines communicate through vibrations, and we have found a way to listen to them. By analyzing the vibration data of your machines, we can identify the onset of problems and translate them into maintenance information to act on. Data-driven maintenance allows you to use a prevention-based approach, tackling minor issues before they can grow into big problems. 

We have a vast collection of different machines and components in our database, ready for use. If yours isn’t in our system, we create it without charging you.

This simplifies the decision process and mitigates the risk of unwanted production stops. 
The users of the platform receive:

  • Action-oriented recommendations, based on
  • Machine vibration condition, defined from
  • Discovered fault patterns