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On Site Alignment and beyond

More than 35 years of extended experience in the marine industry has got us to where we are today: a reliable and knowledgeable partner for any issues you might have with your equipment. On Site Alignment presents itself as an all-round expert regarding anything ranging from alignment, failures, or troubleshooting.

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misalignment at fault

A commonly known issue our clients face is stern tube bearing failure. In this case, a correct alignment is mandatory. In addition, an unwanted grounding, collision or hull modification might cause misalignment and/or deformation: misalignment is why your system begins failing. However, our experienced engineers can modify and optimize stern tube bearing design and alignment.

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On site alignment boat adjustments

On site alignment boat repear


When standard measurement techniques to solve the existing problem fails, our next level of services will be launched. Usually, we turn from a ‘static’ alignment service to a ‘dynamic’ troubleshooting service. A whole range of special measurement techniques can be used to drill down to the root cause of the existing problem.

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To measure is to know. That's why, when we are on site regarding an issue, we'll perform accurate measurements that provide us with essential data to help solve the problem. In addition to that, our expert teams are also ready to perform surveys even before any issues arise. Thermographic, vibrational and dimensional surveys, to name a few, are within our expertise. Next, we'll gladly look at any rotating machinery you may have and perform shaft power orbit or torsional vibration measurements.

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Alignment of rotating equipment and other components

Alignment can make or break any machine. Alignment is your solution for a shaft line to work perfectly or prevent a gearbox from failing. So, whether it’s gearbox alignment, shaft alignment, bore alignment or any other type, we’re here for you.

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2023澳门六开彩开奖结果资料查询.开奖结果 propulsion systems

A specific field we're skilled in is installing complete propulsion systems. We'll ensure every component of your future propulsion line is positioned and secured to its predesigned and calculated offset to ensure an energy- and cost-efficient operation.

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On site machining

We know you’d rather not carry the weight of unnecessary and heavy machinery on your travels. That’s why, whether you’re on site or on shore, we’ll take our machinery with us to make any adjustments needed. Find out more below.

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FEM modeling and engineering are mandatory before actual alignment services are done on site. Only based on accurate and detailed calculations with an academic professional performing these measurements will you know just how everything unfolds. So for anything ranging from thermal growth calculations, bearing reaction force calculations, dynamic movement surveys, and more, give us a call.

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Mechanical services

Bolt torquing and chocking are essential and at the base of any great installation. Allow us to ensure your installation is safe and meets the requirements.

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